Ramex started its activity in May 1996. The company headquarters was at that time in a small shop at 27 Kolejowa Street in Nowy Sącz. In time we have opened numerous branches, including those in Piwniczna, Mszana Dolna, Zakopane, Gorlice, Cracow and Warsaw. Ramex has consolidated its position in the Małopolska market year by year as the company has been investing heavily in its development. The breakthrough moment in our history was the opening of a twin company in Slovakia - Ramex s.r.o. with registered seat in Presov.

From Kolejowa Street we moved to our new headquarters at Wiśniowieckiego 123C. On 24th November 2007 we celebrated the grand opening of the “Ramex Construction Material Center”, the company’s registered office with modern warehouses ensuring deliveries to individual and wholesale clients as well as to all Ramex branches. The complex of buildings at Wiśniowieckiego in Nowy Sącz houses also comprises a petrol station which is open Monday – Saturday.

With its modern architecture Ramex has become part of Nowy Sącz landscape. In February 2008 the President of the Coty of Nowy Sącz awarded Ramex the 1st place in the contest titled “The most beautiful buildings painted with light”.

Ramex employees are highly qualified specialists who will provide you with professional and competent information and who will tailor our offer to individual needs, propose best solutions and advise you on what material to use in construction.

In our bathroom showroom you will be helped by our advisors who, using state-of-the-art software, will design a bathroom of your dreams.


Today Ramex is a dynamically developing company specializing in selling and delivering construction materials, construction chemicals, tiles and materials for bathroom fittings to retail, investment and wholesale markets. In 2009 we established the water and sewage department in our company, dealing with complex delivery of materials for large investments implemented in towns and communes all over Poland as well as in Slovakia. The products in our offer have the guarantee of the highest quality as well as all necessary certificates and attestations.

In nearly twenty years of our history we have managed to become a leading distributor of construction materials in the Polish market. We owe our position to attractive trading terms we offer to our clients, good preparation to complex service of investments, timely deliveries and well-qualified staff.





This has been confirmed by our membership in an elite club of “Business Gazelles” – the most dynamically developing Polish companies, as well as the titles of “Market leader” which we received twice – in 2007 and 2008 – for the best company in Poland in wholesale and retail sale of construction materials. We have also been awarded in “Polish Success” and “Reliable Company” contests. You can see our other achievements in a “Awards and Distinctions” tab.

Ramex does not only offer construction materials. Our clients can also take advantage of our transport services as well as our digging and loading machine. Transport and freight forwarding has been one of the core activities of Ramex since its establishment.


We have the following vehicles:

  • delivery vans and trucks with loading capacity from 1 to 24 tons,
  • high-volume vehicles for transporting foamed polystyrene and mineral wool,
  • rigid dump trucks of HDS type,
  • JCB 4CX digging and loading machine.


We offer transport both in Poland and abroad – in the European Union. In case of long-term orders we are able to adjust to the logistic system of our client and take over the obligations related to completion of assigned tasks and procedures.





We hope you will entrust your business with us and become our regular clients satisfied with the cooperation with our company, in a nutshell:


We’ll take you to your destination …!