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Thinking of a change? Want to choose a universal and unusual color you cannot find anywhere? Come to us!

We will advise you what product will be the best, we will show you the available color range which will make your decision to choose the color of your dreams easier.


Our offer:

NCS is one of the most popular color systems in the world, constituting the norm in Sweden, Norway and Spain. It is also available in our company. Natural Color System allows us to describe all colors. That is why you should come to us if you cannot find the color of your dreams. Our advisor will help you choose it and mix exactly the color you want for your living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

Atlas is one of the most popular and valued and strongest Polish brands. A wide range of high quality products, complementary and compatible, created as a response to current market needs and Clients’ expectations as well as in line with environment protection laws. Atlas has constantly been perfecting its products and searching for new solutions. Atlas products available in our Market include thin layer mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicon plasters as well as silicone, silicate, acrylic paints and indoor paints.

Universal and especially adjusted to fit various backgrounds Baumit products compose a complete range of products. Perfect quality structural, mineral, modeled and mosaic plasters as well as decoration paints and coatings are the highest class products you can find in our shop.

Every year, glues, plasters and paints produced by BOLIX cover around 4.5 million square meters of facades. BOLIX is a leading Polish producer of construction chemicals, specializing in production of façade systems, the brand being a synonym of high quality construction solutions at reasonable prices. That is why we offer such BOLIX products as thin layer external plasters: silicone, acrylic, mineral and decorative plasters as well as outdoor and indoor paints.

Moreover, our offer also includes paints for wood, metal and mosaics of leading Producers.



Our strengths:

  • modern Plaster and Paint Mixer,
  • professional advice,
  • originally packed manufacturers’ products guarantee the highest quality,
  • we mix plaster and paint on the spot,
  • we are able to mix nearly every color of plaster or paint from the color range,
  • thanks to our cooperation with the producer we are able to develop, within a few days, each recipe based on the producer’s color range,
  • we prepare samples of selected colors so that the client can pick the most suitable one.



You’ll find the color you are looking for here:




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