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Our showroom offers the possibility of designing your dream interiors.

A qualified team of designers will help you complete the whole renovation of your house. We offer complex advisory services when choosing tiles, sanitary ware, fittings. Our clients are supported when choosing floors, doors and lighting. They can also obtain professional help concerning the color of the walls, wallpaper or decorative plaster and many other elements available in our offer.


Decoration room


You are welcome to use our new DECORATION ROOM program, its principles of cooperation are presented below.


Stage I


The first, non-committal meeting may take place in our Market at Wiśniowieckiego 123 C in Nowy Sącz, having first arranged the time, preferably by phone. The meeting may also be held at the place where work is to be conducted – the date of the visit will be established within 7 working days from the date of submitting a request.


Before starting work, we expect the client will make a down-payment during the first meeting or via bank transfer as soon as possible, bearing in mind that the visit at the construction or renovation site may be postponed if the down-payment is delayed.

We travel to our client:

  • up to 50 km if the request includes a number of design works – several rooms,
  • up to 10 km in case of bathrooms only and possible difficulties with entering measurements into templates.

The client may conduct measurements for the design on their own as well.

To facilitate this work, we prepared templates which will make room measurement easier. Such templates will be sent to interested clients. Thanks to this we can also serve clients from remote places and offer distant cooperation.


Prepared by our employee during the site visit or performed by the client and provided to us.


Conversation with the client concerning their expectations, ideas, colors, style, budget etc.

Stage II


Preparing the design based on initial arrangements. We prepare room(s) visualization for the client.

We present examples of materials selected for the design to the client:

  • collections of tiles,
  • elements of fittings,
  • proposals of decorative walls,
  • suspended ceilings,
  • concept of lighting, etc.

The client may make all changes to the design in person, by e-mail or phone.

Amendments to the visualization are made until the moment of the final approval of the design.

Stage III


Having approved the introduced solutions and selected the materials and elements of equipment, we prepare a price offer for the selected products.


Having approved the offer, we prepare an order with the client, secured with a down-payment = 30% of the order value, which the client is obliged to pay on the day of submitting an order.

If, due to the distance involved, cooperation is conducted only by e-mail or phone, the client may make the down-payment by bank transfer.

All distance forms of payment must be coordinated directly with the leading designer.



If you have problems with technical drawing of your interior, use the auxiliary drawing below.


Our designers


They are specialists who, working individually with a client at every stage of the project, learn the client’s expectations which facilitate joint decision-making. Trying to fully satisfy the requirements of all our clients we help them to the very last stage of the work, even in selecting typically decorative elements, such as curtains, roller blinds, lamps, carpets or curtain rods so that the interiors designed by us maintain coherent style and form.

We encourage you to cooperate with us and to meet our tem of designers.

Meet our team



Projektowanie to moja pasja i wyzwanie. Wyzwanie do ciągłego realizowania się, uczenia i zdobywania doświadczenia. Staram się aby projekty spełniały wysokie wymaganie klientów i były jak najlepiej przystosowane do ich codziennych potrzeb.
Uwielbiam pracę z klientem dlatego zapraszam do kontaktu. Razem stworzymy taką łazienkę o jakiej zawsze marzyliście.

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We encourage you today to contact us.
We invite you in person or via the contact form.

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